Colour, Resin & Surface Coatings Department

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General Information:

The Colour, Resin & Surface Coatings Department conduct research programmes in the area of technical information and formulating of the surface coatings and printing inks (print on plastics and various types of toners). One of the main targets of the group is to offer scientific and technical service to the industrial sectors. This department regularly holds training courses and seminars for individuals and companies involved in surface coatings and resins industries. Until now, six training short-courses and one national seminar on resins, coatings and related subjects were held in this group. The group activities are divided in three major objectives:


The current research activities within the department include:

People in The Department :-

        1.    Mirabedini, Seyed Mojtaba (Ph.D.) (Head of Department)
        2.    Ershad Langroudi, Amir (Ph.D.) 
        3.    Zeynali, Mohammad Ebrahim (Ph.D.)
        4.    Piroozfar, Hamid (M.Sc.)
        5.    Zohuriaan-Mehr, Mohammad J. (Ph.D.)
        6.    Bouhendi, Hossein (M.Sc.)
        7.    Rabii, Ahmad (M.Sc.)
        8.    Kabiri, Kouroush (M.Sc.)
        9.    Pazoki Fard, Shahla (M. Sc.)
        10.  Nafisi, Siavash (B.Sc)
        11.  Ghasemi, Soudabeh (B.Sc.)

Current Research Projects :-


        1.    Coating of Plastic Parts used as Interior and Exterior Trim of Xantia, Pride, Nissan and Van.
        2.    Color Matching of Plastic Parts Used as Interior Body of Xantia, Pride, Nissan and Van.
        3.    Drag-reducing Coatings for Ships and Bodies Moving in Water.
        4.    Monitoring of Curing Process of Powder Coatings.
        5.    Agricultural Superabsorbent Development and Aging Studies
        6.    IPPI-Superabsorbent Pilot Plant Designing and Construction
        7.    Lab. Scale Synthesis of Acrylic acid monomer and its preparation
        8.    Partially Hydrolysed Poly(acrylamide)
        9.    Poly Vinylidiene Fluride (PVDF) Piezoelectric Films, Preparation, Characterization.
     10.  Precipitation Polymerization of Acrylic-Acid
       11. Viscoelastic behavior modeling of modified with fillers: Inorganic and Polymeric.


Completed Research Projects:
Acid and Etch Resistant Paints for PCB
        2.    Adhesive Coat on Copper Foil
        3.    Formulation of the Carbon Paper Ink
        4.    Investigation on the Synthesis and Kinetic Study of Fluoran Leuco Dyes for Use in 
                Carbonless Copy Paper
        5.    Mechanisms of Adhesion and Disbonding of Powder Coated Aluminium.
        6.    Preparation of Powder Coating an Investigation of Their Properties to Their Application
        7.    Processing of ABS with Special Pigment
        8.    Property Consideration and Optimisation of Printing Formulation on Packaging in         
                Flexographic and Rotogravure Methods
        9.    Solder Resistant Paints for PCB

10.    Petroleum Resins

11.    Superabsorbent Polymers for Hygienic Applications

12.    Synthesis and Characterisation of Acrylic Based Superabsorbent Polymers

13.    Synthesis and Characterisation of Highly Porous Acrylic-based Super water-absorbent

14.    Synthesis and Characterisation of Partially- Hydrolysed Polyacrylamide as Coagulant in 
    Aqueous Systems

15.    Synthesis and Characterisation of Poly(Sodium Acrylate) as Thickener in Water-borne Systems

16.    Synthesis and Properties of Adhesive Films Based on Epoxy-Novolac

17.    Synthesis, Characterisation and Properties of Highly Sulfonated Melamine - Formaldehyde 
    Resin as Superplasticizer and
    Water Reducing in Concrete

18.    Synthesis and Characterization of Oil Absorbent Resins.

19.    The State of the art of bitumen in Iran.

20.    Through Analysis of a Flat Rotor 



    1.    Mini-Scan XE for Color Matching) Hunter Lab(

    2.    Adhesion Measuring Equipments (Pull off, Cross Cut and Peel)

    3.    Film Thickness Measuring System (Elcometer 358 )

    4.    Film Applicator (Brave)

    5.    Grindometre

    6.    Hiding Power Measuring Equipment

    7.    Flexibility Measurement (Mandrel)

    8.    Paint Testing Equipments

    9.    Powder Coating Equipment

  10.    Salt Spray Cabinet

  11.    Viscometer

  12.    Weathering and Light Stability Equipment

   13.    Electrochemical  Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)

  14.    Weathering tester (QUV/Spray)

  15.     Humidity Cabinet

  16.    Falling Ball Impact Tester

  17.    Gloss Measuring System  BYK (Nova Gloss)

  18.    Air-culating Oven (Carbolit)

  19.    Air-circulating Oven, EHRET

  20.    Digital Analytical Balance, Precisa 1212 M SCS

  21.    Hammer-mill Grinder

  22.    Heating Mantle, Elec

  23.    Hot Plate, IKAMAG RET; Polymix (PX-MST)

  24.    Mechanical Stirrer, RW 20 DZM (Jane & Kunkel)

   25.    Mechanical Stirrer, Polymix RW 20 kinematica

  26.    Penetration Test Apparatus

   27.    Polytron 6000 Mixer

  28.    Rota-evaporator, Heidolph VV 2000

  29.    Thermostated Oil Bath, Polymix (KCH TER); PRAZITHERM

  30.    Thermostated Water Bath, Grant

  31.    Vaccum Oven, Heraeus

  32.    Vaccum Rotary Pump: Vacuubrand RD 4 equipped with an online trap

  33.    Viscometer (selecta)

  34.    Water Distillation Apparatus, Kinematica, KLH-DEST M2000

  35.    Centrifuge (16000 rpm)

  36.    Gel timer

  37.    Grinding Equipments (Pin mill, Perl mill)

  38.    Microbalance