Planning and Monitoring Department

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General Information:

Planning and Monitoring Department at Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute (IPPI) has the following emissions:

  1. The monitoring of all research activities of IPPI.
  2. The control of all research projects including costs evaluation, and preparation of timetable.
  3. The preparation of short, medium and long-term research programs for IPPI.
  4. The evaluation of all IPPI’s activities including research programs, educational activities and administrative works.

Each year we publish an annual report concerning different aspects of IPPI’s activities.


People in the Department:

Beheshty, Mohammad Hosain, Ph.D., Head of Department,


Taheri Amiri, Raheleh, B.Sc., E-mail:

Garshasbinia, Neda, M.Sc., E-mail:


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