Composites & Adhesives Research Department

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General Information:


The Composites and Coatings Research department is recognised as one of the leading establishments in Iran, for providing industry with access to a unique combination of scientific and engineering skills.
It is the understanding of polymer matrix composite materials in practice and the ability to respond to commercial reality, which have led to the department providing increasing levels of support to industries throughout Iran.
The composite department has been given three major objectives:


·        To conduct long-term research into polymer composite materials

·        To provide services to industry and carry out short-term contracts

·        To educate and train engineers and scientists


The major commitment is with design and manufacture of engineering products and the current research activities include:


·        Experimental and numerical study of Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) and pultrusion process variables

·        Design and development of composites with high energy absorption capacity

·        Manufacture of FRP Rebars

·        Joining of polymer composites

·        Moulding compounds (moulding powders, BMC and SMC)

·        Mechanical Properties and Durability of FRP Reinforced Concrete

·        Natural fiber Reinforced Composites

·        Sandwich Structures

·        Manufacture of Composite Profiles by Pultrusion  


People In the Department:


  1. Esfandeh, Masoud (Ph.D.) (Head of Department)
  2. Beheshty, Mohammad Hosein (Ph.D.)
  3. Hashemi, Seyed Ali (Ph.D.)
  4. Rahimi, Hamid (Ph.D.)
  5. Alavi, Seyed Mohammad Bagher (M.Sc.)
  6. Rezadoust, Amir Masoud (M.Sc.)
  7. Sabet, Seyed Alireza (M.Sc.) 
  8. Salimi, Ali (M.Sc.)
  9. Khatibi, Morad Ali (M.Sc.)
  10. Razi, Sahraeian (M.Sc.)


Current Research Projects:


  1. Design and Construction of FRP Re-bar Manufacturing Machine Via Pultrusion and Filament Winding.
  2. Manufacture of Jute-Reinforced composites by Pultrusion.
  3. Strengthening of Structure Using Advanced Composite Materials.  
  4. Design and Manufacture of a Resin Transfer Moulding System and Study of Variable Parameters.
  5. Interfacial Studies of Coupling Agents in Wood Thermoplastic Composite.
  6. Manufacture of Fiber Reinforced Polyester Rods by Pultrusion Process.
  7. Evaluation of the Design and Manufacture of CNG4 Composite Cylinders.
  8. Investigation of the Mechanical Properties and Durability of FRP Reinforced Concrete.


Completed Research Projects:


  1. A Feasibility Study on Fabrication of A Composite Assembly
  2. A Study and Development of Honeycomb Composite Structures
  3. Acid and Etch Resistant Paints for PCB
  4. Adhesive Coat on Copper Foil
  5. An Experimental and Numerical Study of RTM Process Variables
  6. An Investigation into Curing Conditions of Carbon Fibers/Epoxy-Novolac Systems
  7. Construction of Seamless High Strength Tubes by Extrusion Using Rotating Die
  8. Design Consideration and Construction of Pultrusion Machine
  9. Design and Construction of a Pultrusion Machine.
  10. Development of Know How for Producing Passenger Car Antenna Made from Composites
  11. Energy Absorption of Foam Filled Composite Tubes
  12. Evaluation and Fabrication of Bullet Proof Composites
  13. Evaluation of Process Variables in Filament Windings
  14. Evaluation of Rheological Characteristics of Polymers with High Filler Contents
  15. Evaluation of Surface Coating Systems for Resin Transfer Moulded (RTM) Parts
  16. Formulation of the Carbon Paper Ink
  17. Investigation on the Synthesis and Kinetic Study of Fluoran Leuco Dyes for Use in Carbonless Copy Paper
  18. Mechanisms of Adhesion and Disbonding of Powder Coated Aluminium. 
  19. Optimisation of Processing Conditions for Blending PET with Polyolefins
  20. Phenolic - NBR Ebonite Foam
  21. Preparation and Characterisation of Dental Modelling Waxes
  22. Preparation and Characterisation of Glass Reinforced Phenol Formaldehyde Systems
  23. Preparation of Microcapsuls Containing Perphenazine and Polymeric Drug Delivery Systems Based on Acryloyl Chloride and Investigation of Release Rate
  24. Preparation of Powder Coating an Investigation of Their Properties to Their Application
  25. Preparation of Short Fiber Reinforced Phenolic Prepregs
  26. Preparation of White Master Batch for Polyethylene
  27. Processing of ABS with Special Pigment
  28. Property Consideration and Optimisation of Printing Formulation on Packaging in Flexographic and Rotogravure Methods
  29. Short Fiber Reinforced Polypropylene
  30. Solder Resistant Paints for PCB
  31. Special Die Design for Production of High Performance Pipes
  32. Treatment of High Silica for Compatibilizaion of Epoxy Resin for Manufacturing of High voltage Insulators
  33.  The Compounding of Phenolic - NBR Foams as a Heat Insulator
  34.  Design and Fibrication of Honycomb Sandwich Panels for Building Applications
  35.  Manufacture of Pultruded Rod for Electrical Applications
  36.  Preparation of Toughened Unsaturated Polyester (UP) Resin for Industrial Applications




The composites department offers a unique combination of resources to industry. A comprehensive set of advanced testing and analysis equipment is complemented by human resources with a unique set of combined skills.


  1. Centrifuge
  2. Conventional and vacuum ovens
  3. Compression moulds for moulding compounds
  4. Electronic Data Logging System
  5. Gel timer
  6. Grinding equipments (Jet mill, Pin mill, Perl mill)
  7. Hydraulic press
  8. Microbalance
  9. Muffle Furnace
  10. Pultrusion machine (in-house designed)
  11. Resin injection and gel-coat spray equipments
  12. Rockwell Hardness Tester
  13. Vacuum mixers
  14. Various Engineering Software
  15. Viscometer

16.Corona Discharge Equipment

17.HYPA Ject MKIII and RTM Development Package




Recent Publications:


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