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Ion exchange resins either anionic or cationic are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical and  food industries. Use of these resins is an essential  need  in  petrochemical complexes , refinery industries, power  plants   and  many other  units  that   require  demineralized Water.  In  addition , other special  types of  these resins are used as catalysts in some chemical processes.

IPPI-CGX8 is a gel type strong acid cation exchange resin in the sodium form and is supplied in the fully swollen moist form.

IPPI-CGX8 is a bead form, standard crosslinked Styrene-Divinylbenzene  cation resin that has  a high capacity and good  physical and mechanical properties. Manufacturing stages including polymerization and sulfonation in both laboratory and pilot  scales  are successfully conducted  in IPPI.

IPPI-CGX8 was produced  in pilot scale using 300 and 200 lit. Glass-lined reactors for polymerization and sulfonation reactions respectively.  

IPPI-CGX8 is primarily used in the softening of industrial water.

Product Specification
Product ID.:                                               IPPI-CGX8
Type:                                                         Strong Acid
Class:                                                                      Gel
Copolymer:                                       Styrene-DVB 8%
Active Group:                                                 Sulfonic
Physical Form:                                           Bead Form
Grain Size Range (95%):                          0.25-0.6 mm
Uniformity Coefficient:                                        1.58
Water Retention Capacity:                              43-49%
Apparent Density (Wet):                              0.83 gr/ml
Ionic Form:                                                    Sodium
Total Capacity:                                         4.8 meq./gr


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