Library & Information Services

The Library and Information Center of IPPI was established in 1987. It has been providing the information needs of IPPI's members, scientists, researchers and students of polymer science and engineering. This center functions with eight active departments:

1- Lending and Reference Department:
This section is responsible for circulation of books and it also holds a multitude of reference books of different fields and related subjects to polymer science and polymer engineering.
The software used is Kavosh computer software for storage and retrieval of bibliographical information of our sources.

2- Periodicals Department:

We are already subscribed to 140 titles of international journals mostly in English, which we receive72 titles of these journals currently. With few publications in French and German, and 30 journals printed in Persian language.

Most of our periodicals are specialized sources of information of  polymer materials such as: plastics, composites, rubbers, adhesives, etc.
All these materials are accessible through Excel program.

3- Documentation Department:

This section includes 341 titles of dissertations of M.Sc. and Ph.D. graduates reports, seminars' proceedings , and 3750 titles of standards (ISO, BS, DIN) and 1000 titles of patents and articles.

4- Audio-Visual Materials:

We hold 800 rolls of microfilms of 43 titles of international journals mainly in English.
There are also 80 rolls of cassette's tapes, video cassettes for learners of English language

5- Cataloguing Department:

The complete existing body of Persian and non-Persian books after being purchased indexed, classified, and physically prepared to be catalogued according to standardized principles i.e., Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules 2, abbreviated as A.A.C.R.2.

The printed materials of this center are classified and based on Library of Congress Cataloguing.
The books and printed materials are kept in an open stock system where users can browse and directly find their desired books.

6- Acquisition Department:

This department tries to purchase all the books mainly in Persian and English in the fields of Polymers, Plastics and Rubbers. This department has been able to collect the existing body of books through publishers and national book exhibitions.

7- Information Services Department:

  1. Daneshyar Network : by connecting to this network you can search the following :

2.    Rose-net :by connecting to Rose-net you can search the following databases :

3.   Polymer Abst. Data. 156933 Abstracts of 55 Titles 

8- Document Supply Services Department:
The purpose of this department is to provide the Information Resources like book, patent, report, standards, article by interlibrary loan between university libraries and subscribing to special libraries and purchasing from commercial document supply centers.

We supply some documents from BLDSC* when we can not prepare them from Iranians information centers.


Staffs of IPPI's Library and Information Center

Name Education Position
Afzalipour, Sima B. A. Head of the Library
Norouzinia, Ensieh Higher Diploma Circulation Dept.
Mashayekhi, Roya B. Sc. Acquisition Dept.
Ehteshaminia, Soheila Diploma Computer Operator
Mokhtarzadeh, Ali Diploma Publication Dept.
Naser Torabi, Beheshteh B. A. Information Services Dept.
Abdollahi, Mohamad Taghi Diploma Publication Dept.
Ghaffary Azar, Hamzeh M. A. Information Services Dept.
Vakili, Fatemeh B. A. Periodicals Dept.
Zahraei, Abolghasem Diploma Information Desk and Security

*(British Library Document Supply Center)