Pilot Plants

The purpose of this unit is to produce various types of polymers via suspension, emulsion, solution and polycondenstion and also sulfuration operations, batch or semibateh.

Various types of polystynene and its copolymers like polystyrene divinyl benzene (PS-DVB), polyvinyacetate, acrylic, phenolic and unsaturated polyester, sulfonation process, PTMG and many other applications.

General Specification
Temperature: up to 180C
Pressure: up to 6 bar
Capacity (max): 300 lit
Heating and cooling system for temperature control. Chilled water system for polymerizations in low temperature. Distiller for purifying of initial monomers.

Reactors and vessels
Capacities: 200 lit (three with L/D <1) general applications.
300 lit (one with L/D = 1.5) polymerization.
500 lit (one with L/D = 1.5) polymerization and blending.
Material of construction: glass lined reservoirs tanks five 100 liters.

The system configuration will change to cope any specified process will be run with this equipments. Also the system potentially has capability of automatic control to any desired level. Polymerization reactor (300 liters) equipped with a variable speed agitator and a three curved blade impeller.
Blender (500 liters) has an anchor type impeller. General purpose reactors (200 liters) has double blade impeller.