Plastic Research Department


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General Information:

Major Objectives:

  • Polymer Processing and Simulation
  • Polymer Compounding and Modification
  • Polymer Blends and Alloys
  • Material, Process, Part, and Machine Design

Current Activities:

  • Peroxide and Silane Cross-linking of PE for Production of Pipes and Cables
  • Insulation Compounds for Communication and High Voltage Cables
  • Polymer Recycling
  • Metal Injection Molding
  • PP/Clay Nano-composites
  • Polymeric–modified Bitumens
  • Mechanical, Thermal, Rheological, and Electrical Properties of Polymers
  • Modeling and Computer Simulation
  • Polymeric Sensors
  • Polymeric Films
  • Heat Shrinkable Polymers


People in the Department:

  1. Morshedian, Jalil (Ph.D.), (Head of Department)
  2. Mehrabzadeh, Mahmood (Ph.D.)
  3. Oromiehie, Abdulrasoul (Ph.D.)
  4. Yousefi,Ali Akbar, (Ph.D.)
  5. Razavi Nouri, Mohammad (Ph.D.)
  6. Ghasemi, Ismail (Ph.D.)
  7. Khonakdar, Hossein Ali (Ph.D.)
  8. Azizi, Hamed (M.Sc.)
  9. Eslami, Hassan (M.Sc.)
  10. Ahmadi, Shervin (M.Sc.) 


Current Research Projects:

  1. A Study of PVDF and PVDC chain Dimensions in Solution and Melt State
  2. Preparation of Synthetic Wood by Using Recycle Papers and Plastics
  3. Preparation of EXPE Compounds for Shielding of Medium-to-High Voltage Power Cables
  4. Rheological Study of Short Glass Fiber Reinforced Nylon–EPDM
  5. Preparation of Fire–Retardant Polystyrene Foam
  6. Preparation of Polymeric–Modified Bitumens
  7. Preparation of Semi–Conductive Polyethylene
  8. Investigation of Formulation and Preparation of Sheet Dialysis Membrane in Lab scale
  9. Preparation and Study of Processing and Physical Structure of Polymeric Sensors
  10. Study of The Effect of Functionalizing and Clarifying agents on the Optical Properties of PP Films
  11. An Investigation of Shape Memory Effect on Heat Shrinkability of Polyethylene and Its Mechanical Modeling
  12. Metal Powder Injection Modeling Via Natural Water-Based Binder
  13. Investigation of Blending Composition and Processing Conditions Effects on Mechanical and Optical Properties of Blown Films of LLDPE/LDPE Blends
  14. Preparation of Intelligent Polymers Based on Radiation Cross-linked Polyethylene and Modeling of Their Behavior
  15. Design and Manufacturing of pilot Plant for Recycling of Plastic Wastes (PE, PP, PVC) Containing Paper and Modification of Mechanical Properties




Completed Research Projects:

  1. Preparation of PS/PP Blends
  2. Manufacturing of PP/PE Blends Due to Improving of PP Properties
  3. Rubber Toughening of PP
  4. Substitution of Timber Board by Polymers for Molding of Cements
  5. Preparation of Heat Shrinkable Polymers from PE
  6. Toughened Plastics for Bumper Formulations
  7. Pyrolytic Optimization of Novolac Phenolic Resins
  8. Characterization and Preparation of Dental Impression Materials(Alginates)
  9. Investigation of Electroplating of Plastics and Improvement of Adhesion Between Plastic and Metal Layers
  10. Study of the Role of Particle and Particle Size Distribution of Inorganic Fillers on Mechanical Properties and Morphology of PP
  11. Peroxide Cross-linking of PE and Investigation of its Physical and Mechanical Properties
  12. Study of Kinetics of Cure of Phenolic Resins
  13. Preparation of Modified Nylons and Studying its Coating and Adhesion on to Metalic and Non-Metalic Bases
  14. Development of the LDPE/EVA/ Flame Retardant Blends Formulation for Optimal Quality as Cable Insulates
  15. Modification of EPDM with Maleic Anhydride
  16. An Investigation of Carbon Black Master Batches
  17. Formulation and Processing of Brake Material
  18. Reinforcement of Polyamide With Short Glass Fibers
  19. Toughening of Plastic Bags made of Waste Materials
  20. Preparation of PP/NR Blends and its Mechanical Properties
  21. Studying the Effects of Mixing and Rheological Parameters on Structure and Properties of Solid Reinforced Polymers
  22. Mixing and Heat Transfer of Time Independent Fluids in Agitated Vessels
  23. Radiation Stabilization of Polypropylene
  24. Recycling and Production of Radiological Films
  25. Effect of Oregano-Titanium Coupling Agents on the Processing and Properties of Highly Filled Plastics; Part one: Thermoplastics
  26. Study of Environmental Effects on Properties of PE Pipes
  27. Processing and Characterization of Blends and Alloys of Nylon-6 with EPDM
  28. Fabrication of Polymer / Ceramic Composites
  29. Rigid-Rigid Blending of Polycarbonate and Poly (ethylene terephtalate)
  30. Making Use of Polymeric Fibres in Place of Asbestos in Concrete
  31. Preparation of Polyamides Thermoplastic Elastomers
  32. Characterization of PE Gas Pipes
  33. Criteria Consideration for Selection of Plastic Material for Syrume Industry
  34. Characterization and Preparation Feasibility Study of Dental Modeling Waxes
  35. Twin Screw Manufacturing : Design and Optimization
  36. Effect of Gamma Irradiation on Structure and Properties of Polypropylene
  37. Synthesis of Polymers with Different Functional Groups and Investigation their Properties
  38. Kinetic Studies of Maleic Anhydride with HDPE and Synthesis of High Strength PE
  39. Grafting of PE with Silane in a Single Screw Extruder and Studying the Effect of Formulation of Machine Variables on Process
  40. Design and Development of a General Purpose and Modular Shear Head Extruder and Studying the Effects of Machine Geometrical Variants on the Dynamic Cure of Polymeric Systems
  41. Investigation of Formulation and Process Parameters of Heat Shrinkable Polyethylene Extrudable Products
  42. Preparation of Electrical Insulators
  43. Preparation of Impact Resistant PE for Production of Medical Vessels
  44. Improvement of the Transparency and Domestic Commercial Polypropylene Grades
  45. Impact Modification of Polyacetals by Polyurethane Thermoplastic Elastomers
  46. Study of Maintenance Properties of Packaged Drink Water in Polyethylene (PE)
  47. Preparation of Cross-Linked Polyethylene by Silane (XLPE)
  48. Experimental Modeling of Mechanical Properties of PC/ABS Blends based on the DOE (Design of Experiment)
  49. Manufacture of Polypropylene by Controlled MFI
  50. Preparation of Transparent Polypropylene
  51. Preparation of Barrier Films for Food Packaging
  52. Rheology of PE- Metallic Powder Composites and Making Parts from them
  53. An Investigation on Dispersion, Flow and Molding of Metal Powder in Polymeric Binders
  54. Surface modification of PE electron beam grafting
  55. Preparation of Fire Resistant Polystyrene
  56. Characterization and Production Technology Establishment of Automotive Plastic Parts
  57. Recycling of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) from Post Consumer Soft-Drink Bottles
  58. Modification of Polypropylene (PP) with Poly(ethyleneterephthalate) (PET) Preparing Fiber
  59. Studies Thermal Property and Application Plastisol PVC Based on Epoxidation of Seed Oil
  60. Study on Compatibility and Mechanical Properties of PVC and NBR Blends
  61. Dynamic Vulcanization of Thermoplastic Elastomers From Polyolefins (PP , PE) with Natural Rubber
  62. Recycling Plastics Waste (PP, PE, PVC) Containing Paper
  63. Effect of Correlation Between Mixing Parameters and Rheological Behavior on Structure and Engineering Properties of Glass-Reinforced Plastics:(GRP)
  64. PEt Deverage Bottle Recycling
  65. Design of Curing Extruder and Continues Dynamic Curing of Elastomer and Plastics
  66. Toughening of Epoxy Resin
  67. Preparation of Heat Shrinkable Materials and Building of an Expansion Apparatus
  68. Fracture and Toughness of Melamine Molding Compounds
  69. Studies of Properties and Morphology of PVC/ABS/NBR Blends
  70. Silane Grafting and Cross-linking of PE by Reaction Extrusion
  71. Recycling of Plastics Waste:1- Recycling of PET and Improving Its Properties
  72. Production of Polyol from Butadiene
  73. EPDM/EPR Toughening of PP
  74. Electron-beam Cross-linking of PE Compounds Used for Cable, Pipe and Heat Shrinkable Products




  1. Twin Screw Extruder (ZSK25)

·       Side Feeder

·       Gravimetric Feeders

·       Liquid Feeder

·       Vibration Feeder

·       Vacuum Pump

  1. Twin Screw Extruder (Collin)

·        o-rotating screw

·         Counter rotating screw

  1. Single Screw Extruder (Manook)
  2. HAKKE sys 90

·        Internal Mixer 90 cc with Element

·        Internal Mixer 90 cc with Oil

·        Internal Mixer 300 cc with Element

·        Single Screw Extruder

·         Banbury, Sigma and Camblade Rollers

·        Film Blowing Accessories

  1. Injection Molding Machine

·        Laboratory Machine Capacity 70 gr., Vertical

·        Injection Molding Capacity 125 gr., Horizontal

  1. Grinder
  2. Hot Press
  3. Creep Apparatus
  4. Autoclave
  5. Turbo Mixer
  6. Laboratory Mixing Extruder
  7. Mini Press
  8. Shear Head
  9. Granulator
  10. Expansion Frame