Polymerization Engineering Department

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General Information:-

Working area:

Polymerization pilot plant design, construction and operation to directing the laboratory researches into the pilot scale production and finally know how presentation in pilot scale.
In this way we notice to reaction kinetics, process dynamics, control and optimisation. Also we take into consideration economical evaluations, waste treatment and technological problems.


In view of agreement signed with national petrochemical company most of research activities of this faculty will exclusively be towards Projects allocated to us by NPC _ R&T .

The main farm work for these joint research projects are, polyolefines and other polymers produced by NPC.

The current projects in row 6 and 7 are in accordance with such arrangement . It is hoped that, with completion of these research Projects, all research activities of this faculty be in line with petrochemical needs.                                  






People In The Department :-

  1. Nekoomanesh, Mehdi (Ph.D.) *
  2. Parvazinia, Mahmood (M.Sc.) *
  3. Mohamadi,  Feridoon  (Ph. D.)*
  4. Fazeli, Naghmeh (Ph.D.) *
  5. Hakim, shokoofeh (Ph.D.) *
  6. Emami, Mehrsa (M.Sc)
  7. Hormozi, Farzin (M.Sc.)
  8. Eslamimanesh, Vahid (M.Sc.) *
  9. Mirzaei, Ahmad (M.Sc.)
  10. Nodehi, Azizollah (M.Sc.) *
  11. Abedini, hossein (M.Sc)
  12. Rabbani, Ali (M.Sc.) *
  13. Mortazavi, Mohammadmehdi (M,Sc)
  14. Yaaghoubi, Nakisa (M.Sc.) *
  15. Abassnejad, Amir Reza (B.Sc.)
  16. Garshasbi, Neda (M.Sc.) *
  17. Bolandi, Shiva (B.Sc.)
  18. Daneshgar, Mohammad (B.Sc.)
  19. Haji-Ebrahimi, Mohammad (B.Sc.)



Current Research Projects :-


1.        Design of multipurpose pressurized polymerization pilot plant.

2.        Natural gas partial oxidation  reactor design and construction.

3.        Study of  PP process.

4.        Study and operational test of strong cationic ion exchange resins .( IPPI production )

5.        Pilot scale production of anionic exchange resins.

6.        Study of LLDPE process in lab scale.  ( first phase )

7.       Study and evaluation of  HDPE polymerization in lab scale.






Completed Research Projects :-

  1. Adaptive Temperature Control of a Batch Polymerization Reactor
  2. Production of Ion exchange Resins in Pilot Plant
  3. Oxidative Coupling of Methane (OCM)
  4. Computer Controlled Minipilot
  5. Computer Modelling of Twin Screw Extruders
  6. Design Installation and Operation of a Multipurpose Glass Lined Pilot Plant
  7. Design of a Multipurpose Polymerization Reactor
  8. Determination of Particle Size Distribution in Polymerization of Polystyrene and PMMA
  9. Electro initiated Cationic Polymerization of N-Vinyl Pyrolidone by Anodic Dissolution
  10. Emulsion Polymerization of Acetate/2-Ethyl Acrylate in Reactor Batch
  11. Kinetics and Modelling of Polyesterification Reactions
  12. Methylmethacrylate Mass Polymerization Kinetic Study
  13. Optimisation of Bulk Polymerization Reactions for Minimum PDI
  14. Pilot Plant Design and Production of Ion Exchange Resins
  15. PVC Pilot Plant Design
  16. Real Time State...
  17. S-DVB Cross-linking Copolymerization
  18. Styrene-DVB Suspension Copolymerization
  19. Suspension Copolymerization of Styrene-Divinylbenzene (S-DVB)
  20. Synthesis and Kinetic of Metacrylic Acid Polymerization if Aqueous Solution
  21. Synthesis of Acrylic Resins as Textile Binders
  22. Synthesis of Effective Chemicals for Carbonless Copy Paper by Microencapsulation Technique
  23. Synthesis of Expandable Polystyrene and Study on its Properties
  24. Effect of monomer ratio in emulsion polymerization kinetic in the absence of emulsifier
  25. Pilot plant design and production of 4-Dimethyl 2,6Tersiary buthlphenol
  26. Design installation and operation of a 100 liters multipurpose pilot plant
  27. Synthesis of commercial grade of styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN ) copolymer



Facilities :-

         5 liters computer controlled pilot plant (batch & semi-batch operation) for suspension, emulsion, solution and polycondensation polymerizations, up to 200 C and 5 atm.

         100 liters pilot plant (batch & semi-batch operation) with temperature control system for various type of polymerization up to 200oC and 7 atm.

         polymerization and sulfunation glass lined pilot plant with control system (batch and semi-batch operation). Sulfunation carry out in 200 liter reactor and polymerization in 300 liters and 500 liters reactors.


         Pilot plant for high pressure polymerization in 0.5 liter, 1.7 liter and 1 liter reactors up to 300 bar pressure and high temperature.

         Spray dryer


         3   Mixer

         5   Bath circulator

         High pressure polymerization reactor (buchi)

         20 litre glassed buchi polymerization reactor . (chemtech )

         2  Microscopes  one reflex

one transmission