Rubber Research Department

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General Information :-

Rubber Group is a well-known leading center for rubber research in Iran. Areas of current and future research include various aspects of rubber processing and compounding. The use of computer simulation especially the application of FEM to rubber processing and products and also the development of highly specific compounds for complicated applications comprise the basic theme of our research projects. A significant part of the research undertaken by Rubber Group is industrially sensitive and financially supported by several Iranian rubber and tire manufactures.


People In The Department :-

  1. Bakhshandeh, Gholamreza (Ph.D.)
  2. Ghoreishy, Mir Hamid Reza (Ph.D.)
  3. Karrabi, Mohammad (Ph.D.)
  4. Abbasi Sourki, Foroud (M.Sc.)
  5. Naderi, Ghasem (M.Sc.)

Current Research Projects :-

  1. Designing of NBR/Phenolic compounds with optimized cure condition
  2. Investigation of Reaction Parameter on Hydrogenation of Unsaturated Rubbers and Determination of Degree of Unsaturation by Instrumental Method
  3. Modification of EPDM Elastomer with Active Fillers of Unsaturated Carboxylate
  4. Numerical Simulation of Viscoelastic Flow of Rubber Compounds through the Die Region of Duplex Extruders
  5. Optimization of Die Design for Tread and Sidewall Compounds of Low Aspect Ratio Radial Tires
  6. Pilot Plant Production of H-NBR in a 7 Lit Reactor
  7. Preparation of a Data Bank in Science and Technology of Polymers
  8. Production of Electrical Insulators (from Elastomer and Ceramic Material)
  9. Production of Insulin Syringe Rubber
  10. Production of Oring Silicone
  11. Production of Viton O-ring
  12. Rubber Sponge Balls for Condensation Tower
  13. Scale-up of Rubber Mixing Process in Internal Mixers
  14. Stress - Strain Analysis in Rubber O-Rings under Service Conditions by FEM
  15. Technology development for two-Layer hoses (CR and NBR/PVC)
  16. Three Dimensional Finite Element Analysis of Curing Process for Truck Tire with Complex Patterns

Completed Research Projects :-

  1. Compatibilizing of NBR-PP and NBR-PS Blends by Gamma Radiation Grafting and Studying of the Blends
  2. Compounding and Processing of Bead Components of Low-Section Steel Belted Radial Tire
  3. Compounding and Processing of Belt of Low-Section Steel Belted Radial Tire
  4. Computer Application in Design of New Formulation of Rubber Compound
  5. Consideration of Adhesion Parameters in Rubber and Cord Composites
  6. Consideration of Thermal Mechanical Properties of NBR/Kevlar Composite
  7. Cure Kinetic Study and Numerical Simulation of the Vulcanisation Process of the Truck Tire Tread Compound Based on NR/IR/BR Blend
  8. Design and Production of Building Absorbers
  9. Design of Heat and Non-Polar Oil Resistance Rubber Compound Based on NBR
  10. Design of Polar Oil Resistance Rubber Compound Based on EPDM
  11. Development of New Compound for Rubber Base Baby's Dummy
  12. EPDM Sponge Sealing Washer (Shrinkage Control)
  13. Finite Element Modelling of Rubber Mixing Process in an Internal Mixer
  14. Gamma - Radiation Surface Modification of EPDM by MMA and AN
  15. Investigation of Distribution and Dispersion of Carbon Black in NR/SBR Blend and its Effects on Physical and Mechanical Properties
  16. Investigation of Network Defects of Rubber Vulcanisates
  17. Investigation of Parameters Effected on Adhesion of Tread to Carcase in Retread Tires and Method of it's Modification
  18. Manufacturing of Flouro Elastomer Seal Ring
  19. Modification of BR Elastomer with Unsaturated Aluminium Carboxylates
  20. Numerical Simulation of the Flow of Polymeric Fluids in Coextrusion Die for a 3-Component (Rubber/Foam/Metal) Product
  21. Optimisation of Extrusion Conditions of Rubber Compounds
  22. Production of Silicon and Flouroelastomer O-Rings
  23. Preparation of NBR/PVC Thermoplastic Elastomer Using of Industrial / and Recycling PVC
  24. Preparation of NR/PE Thermoplastic Elastomer Using Industrial Recycling PE
  25. Production of Insoluble Sulfur
  26. Production of Insoluble Sulfur Used in Rubber Industries
  27. Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of Vulcanised Rubbers
  28. Quantitative and Qualitative Investigation of Yazd Reclaim Rubber and its Optimum Formulation
  29. Reinforcement of BR with Black and Nonblack Fillers
  30. Strain-Stress Analysis of a Tire under Contact Loading by Finite Element Method
  31. Studies on Dynamic Vulcanization of PP/NBR Thermoplastic Elastomer Blends

Facilities :-

  1. 100 Ton Press, Bucher Switzerland
  2. 25-Ton Laboratory Press, Davenport, England
  3. Abrasion Test, Frank
  4. Ball Mill
  5. Banbury Mixer, BR, Farrel, 1991
  6. Digital Display for Hardness, Zwick, 175197
  7. Electronic Balance, Shimadzu Libror EB-S.D.H. Series
  8. Extruder, Schwabenthan, Polytest 20T (R) 1990
  9. Fatigue to Failure Tester, Monsanto Company
  10. Laboratory Oven, Unitemp
  11. Multi Recorder
  12. Oscillating Disk Curemeter, 4308 Zwick
  13. Ozone Tester
  14. Resilience Test, Frank
  15. Shear - Disk Viscosimeter, 4309 Zwick
  16. Tensile Test 500 Kg, Pars Paygeer, Eng. Co.
  17. Two Roll Mill, Schwabenthan, Polymix 200 L
  18. Wallace Micro Hardness Tester
  19. Wallace Rapid Plastimeter and Electric Steam Generator