Faculty of Polymer Science

Synthesis and characterization of polymeric materials having various applications is performed in the Faulty of polymer science. Twenty seven academic staffs including thirteen with Ph.D. degree and fourteen having master degree in chemistry, polymer chemistry, polymer engineering and pharmaceutics are currently working in this Faculty. Furthermore, in the laboratories a number of BSc. degree members in related fields are supporting research projects. Part of academic staffs activities is to supervise and co-supervise students during their MSc. and Ph.D. formation in polymer science and technology course in Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute. Faculty of polymer science has in possession nine elaborated laboratories specificly equipped to promote researches in polymer synthesis, advanced polymeric materials, polymers in drag delivery systems and biopolymers. The faculty has developed its research activities through four group of researches.

  1. Department of Polymer Science.
  2. Department of Biopolymers.
  3. Department Polyurethane’s and Advanced Polymers Materials.
  4. Department Novel Drug Delivery Systems.

These research groups which form the faculty perform projects relating to their speciality in which science of polymer from synthesis to application in different area is considered. The mechanism of operation in this faculty is that the synthesis and characterization of polymeric materials via different methods using specific facilities is performed in laboratory scale. Consequently, the results of these researches are being transferred to the faculty of polymer engineering and faculty of polymer processing for scale-up, design and basic engineering considerations.