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 NDDS Research Department (Novel Drug Delivery Systems)

  General Information:-
Novel Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS) department was established in 1999, to conduct a multidisciplinary innovative research specifically:
Transdermal DDS.
Veterinary DDS.
Injectable / Implantable DDS.
DDS products data bank.
People In The Department:-
Taghizadeh, S.Mojtaba (M.Sc.)
Entezami, A.Akbar ( D.Sc.)
Imani, Mohammad (Ph.D.)
Jamshidi, Ahmad (Ph.D.)
Mobedi, Hamid (Ph.D.)
Mivehchi, Houri (M.Phil.)
Khakpour, Mazyar (M.Sc.)
Lahootifard, Farzad (M.Sc.)
Mahdavi, Hamid (M.Sc.)
Mashak, Arezou (M.Sc.)
Ahmad-Khanbeigi, Farzaneh (B.Sc.)
Research Fields :-
Current Projects:-
Controlled release of Naltrexone with biodegradable Polymers.
Formulation of Leuproliele Long acting.
Preparation of a biodegradable controlled release contraceptive device and optimization of its release behaviour.
Preparation of a Novel Drug Delivery Systems products Data Bank.
Preparation of Anti - Wrinkle Patch.
Preparation of Estradiol adhesive Matrix transdermal systems in laboratory scale.
Preparation of silicone drug delivery systems containing progestrone hormone.
Study of CIDR modified device and Preparation of Laboratory scale samples.
Apart from common laboratory instruments which we have in Central Laboratories, other specific facilities of our department are as follows:
Around 2 by 24 square meter of laboratory space
Modern thin layer chromatography (HPTLC)
UV/Vis spectrophotometry
Dissolution apparatus
Spray dryer
Ghanem-Chain diffusion Cell
Film applicator
Lab Coater



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