List of ISI Papers in 2008:


[1]          A New Approach to identify the stiffness Matrix of a composite lattice structures;S. H. Taghavian, J. E. Jam, N. Garshasbi;Journal of Metalurgy (Metalurgija),No. 3, Vol. 14, 190-198, 2008

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[4]          A state of the Art Review of the Finite Element Modelling of Rolling Tyres;M. H. R. Ghoreishy;Iranian Polymer Journal, 17(8), 2008, 571-597

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[7]          An Improved Non-Isothermal Kinetic Model for Prediction of Extent of Transesterification Reaction & Degree of Randomness in PET/PEN Blends;M. Golriz, H. A. Khonakdar, S. H. Jafari, A.R. Oromiehie, H. Abedini;Macromolecular Theory & Simulations, 2008, 17, 241-251

[8]          An Investigation on the EPDM Devulcanization in Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder by Response Surface Methodology;A. R. Jalilvand, I. Ghasemi, M. Karrabi, H. Azizi;Progress in Rubber, Plastics & Recycling Technology, Vol. 24, No. 1, 2008

[9]          Antitumor Activity of 6-(cyclohexylamino)-1, 3-dimethyl-5(2-pyridyl)furo[2,3-d]pyrimidine-2,4(1h,3h)-dione & its TI(IV), Zn(II), FE(III) & PD(II) Complexes on K562 & Jurkat Cell Lines;F. Shabani, S. Ghammamy, K. Mehrani, M. B. Teimouri, M. Soleimani, S. Kaviani;Bioorganic Chemistry & Publications, Volume 2008, 5 pages

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[11]      Collagen Immobilization onto Acrylic Acid Laser-grafted Silicone: In Vitro;H. Keshvari, H. Mirzadeh, P. Mansoori, F. Orang, M. T. Khorasani;Iranian Polymer Journal, 17(3), 2008, 1-11

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[17]      Crush Behaviour of Conical Composite Shells: Effect of Cone Angle & Diameter/Wall Thickness Ratio;A. R. Rezadoust, M. Esfandeh, S. A. Sabet;Polymer Plastics Technology & Engineering, 47, 147-151, 2008

[18]      Development of an artificial neural network model for prediction of cell voltage & current efficiency in a chlor-alkali membrane cell;N. Shojai Kaveh, S. N. Ashrafizadeh, F. Mohammadi;Chemical Engineering Research & Design, 86, 2008, 461-473

[19]      Dynamic Rheological & Mechanical Behaviours of Poly(dimethylsiloxane)/Low Density Polyethylene Immiscible Blends: Interfacial Modification via Reactive Blending;F. Faghihi, J. Morshedian, M. Razavi-Nouri, M. Ehsani;Iranian Polymer Journal, 17(10), 2008, 755-765

[20]      Effect of Additives on Release Profile of Leuprolide Acetate in an In Situ Forming Controlled-Release System: In Vitro Study;M. Zare, H. Mobedi, J. Barzin, H. Mivehchi, A. Jamshidi, R. Mashayekhi;Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 107, 3781-3787, 2008

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[25]      Effect of Environmental Conditins on the Migration of DI(2-Ethylhexyl)Phthalate from PET Bottles into Yogurt Drinks: Influence of Time, Temperature and Food Simulant;M. Farhoodi, Z. Emam-Djomeh, M. R. Ehsani, A.R. Oromiehie;The Arabian Journal for Science & Engineering, October, 33, 2B, 279-288, 2008

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