6th Iranian Seminar on Polymer

Science and Technology

(ISPST 2003)


12-14 May 2003

Iran Polymer Institute, Tehran, Iran


The ISPST 2003 will be an international forum for academics, industrialists, students and others to learn of the latest developments in the important field of polymer science and technology. The ISPST 2003 is the continuation of the ISPST series following highly successful meetings at Amirkabir University (1986 and 1990), Shiraz University (1994), Iran Polymer Institute (1997) and AmirKabir University (2000).

The reputation of the ISPST series for high standards of content and presentation will be ensured by papers having been assessed on their technical content by several reviewers before being accepted for the seminar. Over a period of three days the ISPST 2003 will bring together delegates working within the polymer field in Iran and other countries.

The ISPST 2003 scientific programme will include keynote lectures, contributed papers, poster presentations and an exhibition emphasizing all key aspects of polymer science, technology and engineering.


Seminar scope:


 (Sensors, Conductive Polymers, Optical Fibres, Smart Polymers, Functional Polymers and Nanopolymers)



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