The Faculty of Petrochemical

General Information, Staff, External coworkers, Current Research Projects, Completed Research Projects, Facilities


General Information:


The task of this faculty is to research in the field of polymeric and non-polymeric petrochemicals synthesis and production technology in both laboratory and pilot-plant scales.

This faculty consists of three research groups:

1.      Natural gas conversion (O.C.M., pyrocarbons, etc.)

2.      Petrochemicals synthesis

3.      Engineering design and construction of pilot-plants

The projects in the first research group are focused on conversion of methane to ethylene catalyst and optimum process conditions, also conversion of N.G. to biocompatible pyrocarbon materials. Second group's task is to research on modern technology of petrochemicals production. One of these projects is research on membrane technology of chlorine production. The engineering design and construction pilot-plants project are performs in the third group that mainly consist of expert chemical engineers.

Our qualified researchers and staff consist of chemists and chemical engineers holding Ph.D., M.Sc. & B.Sc. degrees that are working in three research groups.



1. Rabbani, Ali ( M.Sc.) chemical engineer , “head of the faculty & engineering design and construction group”

2. Yaghobi, Nakisa ( M.Sc.) chemical engineer , “head of O.C.M. group”

3. Yousefi, Mohammad ( Ph.D.) chemist

4. Mohammadi, Ferydoon ( Ph.D.) electrochemical engineer

5. Eslamimanesh, V. ( M.Sc.) chemical engineer

6. Abbasnejhad , Amir reza ( B.Sc ) chemical engineer

7. Karami, M. ( B.Sc ) chemist

8. Bazhrang, R. ( B.Sc ) chemist

9. Rahbar shahrozi, J. ( B.Sc ) chemichal engineer

10. Ahangarzadeh, Mohammad. The'' head of construction workshop"

11. Asgharzadeh, Maryam ( B.Sc ).The secretary of faculty.

External coworkers:

1- Mohtasham , Hamid ( M.Sc. )

2- Khorasani, Masomeh (M.Sc.)

3- Akbarianfeiz, Leila (M.Sc.)

4- Karimi,Elham (M.Sc.)

Current Research Projects:

  1. Modification of OCM catalyst
  2. Feed gas preheating of OCM reaction in Bench scale.
  3. Design & Fabrication of Bench – scale membrane cell until for study of Chlor- Alkali process.
  4. Preliminary study of design & synthesis of perfluorinated ion exchange membranes for chlor – Alkali applications.
  5. Preliminary study of coating fabrication of DSA anodes for chlorine production.
  6. Preliminary study of coating fabrication of H2 evolution cathode for Chlor-Alkali application.
  7. Market & techno/ commercial study of Epichlorohydrine production from propylene & Chlorine for epoxy resins end – use.

Completed Research Projects:

  1. Oxidative Coupling of Methane (Frem catalytic view point)
  2. Modification of synthesis and process of OCM catalyst 2-1  optimization of operating conditions.
  3. 2-4 Basic eng of OCM pilot plant.
  4. 2-2 Development kinetic model in lab & bench scale.
  5. 2-3 scale up of OCM process in bench scale.
  6. The latest Market & techno/ commercial study of Chlor-Alkali technology & Industry, 2002.


  1. Tube Furnace, 240 VAC (5.6 A)
  2. Constant temperature. Water/oil bath
  3. Programmable Rotatory Evaporator
  4. Corning bench top PH meter
  5. Pyrotherm tube furnace
  6. Pyrotherm chamber furnace 
  7. Catatest for catalytic test in lab. Scale.
  8. HP 6890 Gas chromatograph
  9. Chem. BET 3000, with TPD/TPR for catalyst characterization
  10. Rotary van vacuum pump
  11. Mixer with controller
  12. Immersion chiller with temp. control
  13. Rotary van vacuum pump oval stage.
  14. Hot plate stirrer
  15. Electric stirring / heating mantel
  16. Hydraulic press test system
  17. Salvis vacucenter oven.
  18. pyrocarbon production pilot plant 16 Kg/year
  19. workshop machine tools