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In the Name of Allah

  The long standing desire for developing the required technical knowledge, training of specialized manpower, providing appropriate grounds for the growth and promotion of polymer sciences and technologies in the country, establishing a strong link between these sciences and the related industries and marching on the frontiers of scientific knowledge constituted the major aspiration and incentive for laying the foundations of Iran Polymer and Petrochemical institute. Every single member of our staff is proud to have had a very determining and effective share in the development of polymer sciences and technologies worldwide in a period of no longer than 18 years.
   This valuable and extensive scientific structure has been established under the light of the sacred government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, IPPI is no doubt a unique association of prominent and highly skilled scientists and scholars who have access to a comprehensive collection of advanced and sophisticated laboratory and technical facilities, which are considered exceptional and unrivalled in the region.
   This website is intended to introduce to it's viewers, all that exist in this highly scientific and research establishment in a bid to facilitate the formation of deeper relations and more in-depth co-operation between ourselves and national and international research centers, universities as well as industries.
Hamid Mirzadeh (PhD)
Director of Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute


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